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Combining the words aware and paradise the philosophical contents and deep melodies of the albums songs have a certain purpose: To help thinking about and improving for a more aware lifestyle and coming along a more sustainable environment... or just help relaxing!

All songs but "Sandengel" are in english language. On this homepage you can just listen in, but the CD contains the complete versions!

To have a look at the songtext just klick on the referring title below.

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You´re my Inspiration Flashplayer - You're my Inspiration
Ben bei einem Auftritt
Instrumental Flashplayer - Instrumental
Birds of Confidence Flashplayer - Birds of Confidence
Now Flashplayer - Now
Desert without Name Flashplayer - Desert without Name
Vision Flashplayer - Vision
Paradise Flashplayer - Paradise
One by One Flashplayer - One by One
Sandengel Flashplayer - Sandengel
Echoing Love Flashplayer - Echoing Love

Album on CD

Above presented songs are availiable on CD for donation. The cover shows the drawn Awaredise symbol, printed on slightly dark recycling paper. Taken out of the case and unfolded, one will find all the songtexts on the sheet. It takes around €3 for me to make another CD (not including cost of production). At interest please contact ben[@]

CD-Cover - Awaredise1 CD-Cover - Awaredise2
CD-Cover - Awaredise3 CD-Cover - Awaredise4

Making Of

The songs were made within the years 2006 to 2012. I finally recorded them in March 2013 in my homestudio.

All the songs are pure Singer-Songwriter music. That´s to say own texts and melodies accompanied by western- or classical guitar. Just the last title got a slightly overwork with delay effect.

Great thanks to my mother, who provided the high quality technical equipment!

Image: John Mason