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Yes you read that right: a Kahncert - A concert on a Kahn. The best possible thing that can happen to you in Tuebingen! But what is a Stocherkahn anyway? On the Tuebinger Neckar one can always see some of the caracteristic scows floating over the water in summertime. Even in Germany it is quite unknown. The german word for a punt is Kahn and stochern is a verb translated as poking, referring to the special way of locomotion: The captain pushes the punt off the riverground by using a several meters long trunk of a spruce. Our Stocherkahn takes up to 20 People. For really big groups you can get another two of them!

Hölderlins tower

We carry you away on a journey around the Neckarisland where huge sycamore trees face the old timber-framed houses on the opposite bank along the beautiful riverside. Starting at Hoelderlins Tower, the main port of the punts, our adventure begins under the branches of some grand weeping willows. On our way we experience Tuebingen as a city with great character and historic buildings that can tell a long story. Towering above the picturesque old city we see the collegiate church, pass the old bursa, the Castle of Tuebingen and so much more...

Neckarside Captain Mo

Anyone who has seen enough, can close the eyes and enjoy the sounds of another world that brings together dream and reality. Here lives the faith in a good life and society. Of course we are talking about the singer-songwriter album Awaredise presented in the Songs topic. It is always possible to get a short story about a particular song.


On our way back we float down a green riverside and let the spirits flow to the rhythm of the music. Last summer we offered romantic tours in the evening. It is always a pleasure to share all that with you! Kahncerts take place up to three times a month on weekends in summertime.

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Green Peace
Image: John Mason