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Oh so many tired nights
showing the limits
of body and of mind
moving with fire in the eyes

Life is running if you are
don´t miss the stop signs
cos if your gone to far - eventually it´s gonna be to late, to late

Aching deeply it calls again
respect the need for recovery man
All aims at once got to run to get done no time for easyness and fun can break one down *2

Oh so many heavy breath
lifting the pressure
that lies up on this chest
time to let go and have a rest

life´s a rainbow colored day
who ever get´s it
just watch it play and stay

Pressure´s leaving this body and mind
relieve comes soon as we inner peace find
All aims at once got to run to get done but slowly one by one by one won´t break anyone down *2

Just go slowly and there will always be a way
You´re not lonely, on this day we will stay and pray for you, for you

Uhuuu oh please my friend stay true
Uhuuu one by one we go this way
Uhuuu there will always be a way

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Image: John Mason