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Up and down its moving slowly
in this tiny wooden boat
Trying to find somewhere an island
any place just stop to float

A little child has lost his way
but all the eyes can see is ocean
Surrounded by, nowhere to stay
just monotonous locomotion

The lonelyness inside is burning
as the horizons are staying wide

But suddenly the waves start trembling
and there´s this melody so bright

Lalala Lalala Lalalalalala

It has cleared up on the spot
his heart got higher with the sound
And you could hear the stones
falling from it to the oceans ground

The waves are swinging they are singing
transcending sound to everywhere
And birds came flying with the winds
vortexing high up in the air
                                                               * 2

The lonelyness inside blowed away
as the horizons once so blue
Are reflecting the light shiny colors
the birds of confidence they flew

uhuhu... dududu... lalala

Flashplayer - Birds of Confidence


Image: John Mason